About us

Who are we?

Behind the scenes of MessySpaghetti.com are 3 thirty-something-year-olds; Ian, Alex and Jules… We are all good friends who have spent the last ten years working in digital marketing.

Alex is 33. He has two children; Erin is nine and Emily is two years old. Alex learnt a lot of things about being a dad- and then forgot them all, and is now going through it all over again with his second!

Jules is 33. She has a little girl called Nancy who is two. Nancy is fun and cheeky (mainly cheeky) and is the reason Jules has big bags under her eyes and grey streaks in her eyebrows!

Ian is 34. He is married to Emily and they are expecting their first child together. Ian is a little bit of a worrier and has lost a lot of his hair recently, and I think that might get worse in March 2018…

Where it began.

Across a sticky table in Wetherspoons with a flat pint in our hands is where it all started!
A few months ago, the three of us went for our usual catch up and that’s when Ian announced that he was expecting a baby. After the obligatory hugs and high-fives, without intention, we then spent the whole night talking about one topic- parenting! Even though we are all in very different stages of our child-rearing journey, we laughed about the events of the week, cringed at our (sometimes stupid) questions, and chatted about every decision we’ve ever made relating to our children. That was when we came up with our idea. We decided we wanted to create our very own site that would be a place for parents (mums AND dads) to write about their thoughts and experiences- and help other parents along their journey. Being digital marketers, we also had some really cool ideas to make the site more engaging and interactive (perhaps a little ambitious for launch, but after five pints, who cares?!) And that was where our journey began…

We are VERY passionate about MessySpaghetti.com and want you to find it useful, whatever parenting stage you are at. We do know that it’s a work in progress and are always looking for ways to make things better, so if you have any thoughts please get in touch at hello@messyspaghetti.com