7 Steps to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers are a wonderful way for you to prepare for the arrival of your little one. Love them or hate them, they are becoming more popular and almost now an expected part of the pregnancy cycle. Whether you are thinking about having one or organising a little get together for someone close to you, we have put some tips together to help you plan a great baby shower!

Why should I hold a baby shower?

There are two main reasons we recommend that you get together for a baby shower, both as important as the other.

It is a great way for you to meet with friends and family just before your baby’s birth. Being parents ourselves here at MessySpaghetti, we know the stresses and strains that pregnancy can bring; frequent toilet trips and constant aches and pains can limit the amount of time you can, or even want to leave the house.

After speaking to lots of mums, they all agree that the baby shower was a positive experience for them. They would highly recommend you hold one or accept the invite if a friend or family member offers to run the event.

Our second reason is that the baby shower enables you to be a little more prepared for the arrival of the little one. It’s very likely that your friends and family attending may have had children themselves and it’s a bonus that you may receive gifts and advice that you were not expecting but might really help!

The 7 steps to prepare for your baby shower:

pregnant women planning her baby shower

1. You make the decisions

The first point is a bold statement, this is your event and you are the one who needs to make sure you are comfortable with how it is going to work. If your preference is to invite a few friends and family around for coffee, cake and a chat then that is fine. Or if you want a big party then go right ahead. If you are lucky enough to have a close friend or family member organise this for you then make it clear what you want from the start.

Pregnant women choosing a location for her baby shower

2. Choose a location

The choice is yours, but we would recommend that you get out of the house if at all possible. Holding the baby shower over a friend or family member’s house means that you get away from your own home for a few hours. This does require a little extra effort on your behalf, but from our own experience, it’s worth it. You will see enough of your own house over the next 6 months after your baby’s birth, trust me. Also, you don’t have to worry about the dishes!

a list of baby items for a baby shower

3. Plan a gift list

For some, a gift list seems sensible, for others it may seem a little cheeky. This doesn’t automatically mean that you hand people a list of items that you want from A-Z, but rather let people know what you already have. What you are trying to avoid (and it does happen very often) is everybody buying clothing aged 1-2 months. Babies grow exceptionally fast so if you have bought enough already then let people know to buy you clothing for older age brackets, or something else.

women deciding the baby shower guest list

4. Decide who to invite

Once again this comes down to your own personal preference. Some would like all their friends and family to attend while others may prefer a smaller group setup. It’s also acceptable to hold two baby showers. The feedback we have received is that many people hold an event or small party with their friends as well as a rather more relaxed affair with their family.

baby shower guest invites

5. Send invitations

Don’t forget to send out invites early and also a reminder closer to the event. Once again, if you are looking for tips then we recommend a hand-written invite followed by a digital message as a reminder. This is a personal choice, it’s more than acceptable to arrange the event through Facebook/WhatsApp groups. Typically invites are sent 1-2 months before to give people time to plan, but not too long that they are put to one side and forgotten about.

pregnant women with laptop planning baby shower

6. Prepare early

However you want to run your baby shower, we advise preparing early. You don’t want to be running around at the last minute with arrangements while you are pregnant. Even if you opt for a simple affair at your home then make sure you have the nibbles and drinks bought at least a few days before.

pregnant women having a good time with friends

7. Enjoy yourself

This event is about you as much as the baby. Don’t stress about how the baby shower is going to run, these people are your friends and family, and will help you wherever possible. They will overlook any negatives and focus on the positives- all they want is to be around you. We guarantee that by the end you will be shocked at how generous people are and how much of an enjoyable time you really had. Take lots of photos too- it will be nice memories to look back on, and you can show your little one the party that mummy had!

If you have any other tips or suggestions then please add them to the forum topic related to this post.

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