Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 3 in 1 Projection Mobile Review

 Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 3 in 1 projection mobile on a cot

Quick overview

This multi-functional mobile can be fitted onto your baby’s cot, entertaining your baby with three moving butterfly teddy bears, with the option to project stars onto the ceiling.

The Butterfly Dreams™ 3-in-1 projection mobile “grows” with your child, as they begin to sit up inside the crib, allowing you to use the projection function by converting it onto a table top.

There are three audio options, providing thirty minutes of soft lullaby music, white noise, or sounds from nature. You can press buttons directly on the mobile, as well as by using a remote control so not to disturb your sleeping baby.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to assemble within ten minutes
  • Babies enjoy the butterfly teddy bears
  • Soothing, calm songs to help babies sleep
  • Enjoyable, peaceful star projection
  • It can be expensive depending on the shop
  • The motor sound is audible
  • The remote control is temperamental
  • Some reports state the attachment isn’t secure
  • No remote control setting to end the cycle

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Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 3 in 1 Projection Mobile First Impressions

The neutral colours mean that parents tend to feel this is suitable for all babies, who giggle at the butterfly teddy bears on the mobile and are soothed by the three different sound functions.

The light appears to brighten up the room quite a lot, but it has been proven that babies can settle to sleep well with this projection, which has three alternating bulbs to change the projection in the room.

Why people love about the Fisher Price butterfly dreams projector

People reported that they love the design of the product as it grows with your baby and is still useful as a projection soother when detached from the mobile element, making the toy more of an investment as you can use it beyond the mobile functions’ recommended age of five months.

Unlike other mobiles that have too many buttons that babies want to play with, this product has been noted to best serve its function in helping babies sleep. Parents also liked the fact that there is also a wide range of music, so you don’t have to hear the same songs repeated.

Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 3 in 1 projection mobile review and cheapest priceFisher Price Butterfly Dreams projecting onto wall

What to watch out for

Some parents raised concerns about the stability of the mobile when attached to the cot, so make sure to affix it securely, so there is no danger of it falling.

It was also reported that it hangs quite low in the crib, and it would be improved if raised higher for optimum use as a mobile. Although there are sounds to cover the noise of the motor, a quieter motor would make this product better.

A few parents reported that they would have liked more movement with the projection to keep the baby’s attention better, as well as a volume control to perhaps fade out the music and sounds rather than just switch off. The option to stop the mobile element, and be able to use the light projection without the sounds would also improve this product.

Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 3 in 1 projection mobile touch to start

Hints and tips

You will need a screwdriver to assemble the unit. Once assembled and attached to your baby’s cot, this product should only be in use when supervised by an adult.

You are advised to remove the mobile from the cot when your baby begins to try to get up on its hands and knees in a crawling position, to avoid injury by entanglement. When you do this, you can use the projection and sounds by placing the device on a table.

Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams included toys

Final verdict

The basic premise of this product is excellent, combining fun cuddly toys spinning slowly on the mobile, with the range of soothing sounds, and calm starry projection.

However, safety concerns and inferior product functionality may outweigh the benefits for some parents. That said, as long as an adult supervises the use, the mobile should be perfectly safe to use.

Overall, it has received extremely positive feedback from lots of families and fulfils its function of sending babies to sleep, whether at night time or nap time.

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Mobile requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Remote requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Model number: CND41
Weight: 9g
Dimensions: 34 x 25 x 48 cm
Ages: 0-5 months as mobile

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