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Mamas and Papas Classic Travel Cot Review

Quick overview

If you’re ever looking to travel away with your precious little one or simply want to have them stay over with the grandparents (who could ever say no!) then a travel is an essential. We expect high quality from a well know household brand such as Mamas and Papas.

Pros and Cons

  • Giving you great value for money with high build quality 
  • Getting around with the travel cot is easy with the supplied travel bag
  • Padded mattress base included 
  • Can be tricky to get the cot back into the supplied bag
  • Different colour options would have been nice

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Good things come in small packages

Our travel cot arrived from a well-known high street retailer and we were surprised at just how small the package was. Measuring at just over a metre long we quickly cut away the cardboard to reveal a neatly packaged folded cot.

What Mamas and Papas have cleverly done is surround the main frame of the cot with the mattress that fits into the base of the structure. First we unclipped the Velcro straps and unravelled the mattress to leave the frame. It reminded me of a pop up tent or folding chair in the way that there are lots of hinges and plastic fabric and I didn’t know really what I was meant to be pushing or pulling.

Eventually after reading the manual (what I should have done in the first place) it’s a simply case of clicking 4 hinges into place on each side before simply pushing down the middle to complete the rectangle frame. Lastly place the supplied mattress into the base and we were complete. In al it should take you no more than 10 minutes and once you have the hang of things it can be even quicker.

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mamas and papas classic travel cot folded up in greyMamas and papas classic travel cot review

mamas and papas classic travel cot feetmamas and papas classic travel cot in travel bag


Design and first impressions

Once completed, the cot was very ridged and well supported throughout. The Mamas and Papas classic travel cot is on the heavier side compared to other brands, but the quality is clear to see. The cot weighs in at just under 10Kg’s.

Those who make occasional trips or have friends or family that would like a semi-permanent solution for when the little one stays will benefit the most. If you travel very regular, then you may be looking for a lighter alternative.

What we liked best

Great build quality

Yes the cot is heavy, but you can’t deny the high quality of this travel system. Everything feels solid and well made. You can be sure that this is something that will last long until your little one has grown up to sleeping in a big bed.

Can be used as a temporary playpen

After reading reviews prior to purchase there were quite a few advising that they used this as temporary playpen. I can see why they would say this as all 4 sides have a mesh that allows your little one to see you wherever you are in the room. Secondly it’s large enough to easily place a few of your little ones favourite toys and still leave plenty of room for them to move around.

Simple fold away design

Quite a few playpens we have tested require different bits to be attached together like you would expect from a tent. This one has been carefully designed so that you never lose any parts as they are all interconnected.

What to watch for

Thin padded mattress

Feedback from many reviews is that the base mattress is a little thin. We would have to agree, but we didn’t think that the mattress would provide enough comfort in the first place. Depending what you have available then a thin duvet, bed sheets or even towels will offer a solution.

Colours and style

At the time of writing the only colour options that were available were grey and blue, it would have been nice to have a few more colour options available.

The protection bag

While it was nice of Mamas and Papas to supply a carry bag for their cot why do they always make them so tight fitting? It was a mini workout just getting it to fit around the edges, just an extra inch or two would make it a lot easier.

Final verdict

Quite simply, if you are looking for a high-quality travel cot at a great price point then the Mamas & Papas classic travel cot would be an excellent choice. Boasting an all in one construction frame, you can be assured that this will last for years to come.

It would have been nice if they had some additional styles to choose form but I guess the neutral colours do make it appealing to a wider audience and moves away from the generic blue and pinks you see so often.

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Shop Customer Rating Cheapest Price
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 (14 Reviews) VIEW PRICE

If you need to check the measurements

Size – Height 78cm, Length 105cm, Width 80cm
Size folded – Length 78cm, Width 22cm, Depth 80cm
Weight 9.8kg’s

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