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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise Review

Baby playing with Fisher price cookie shape surprise jar

Quick overview

A fun shape-sorter toy for ages 6-36 months, the Cookie Shape Surprise™ is part of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn™ series. By placing the five different cookie shapes into the plastic jar, the voice reveals the shape name or its number.

Its primary feature is to help develop your baby’s coordination skills as it opens up the world of shapes, colours and numbers. It offers a challenge to your child, whilst rewarding them with encouraging sounds and songs.

Pros and Cons

  • Entertaining toy for fun factor
  • Very interactive
  • It is robust and the batteries last well
  • Too difficult to place shapes in the holes
  • Encourage unhealthy eating habits
  • Songs can be too loud and irritate parents

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First Impressions of the Fisher price cookie shape surprise

Shape sorting toys like this are a fun challenge for babies, and this activity can help them to develop their hand-eye coordination, as well as problem-solving skills.

Categorising and naming shapes usually happens at later stages of development, but early exposure is good so that your baby becomes attuned to the way the shape names sound.

Parents have often reported that the Cookie Shape Surprise™ quickly puts a smile on their baby’s face as they can be interactive with the toy, sensing hand movement, and entertaining with its songs and phrases.

Fisher Price laugh and learn what is included


What people love

Most parents reported how much fun their baby has playing with this toy, entertaining them for hours upon hours.

Fisher Price categorises the developmental skill as ‘imagination’, and as your baby explores the features of the toy, it certainly achieves this aim.

The toy’s durability, regarding both the sturdy plastic material and the battery life, means that it is sure to last just as long as your baby’s attention span, as babies are known to love the repetition of fun songs and phrases.

Placing shapes into Fisher Price cookie jar musical toy

What Could be Better

It has been reported that some of the shapes have to be angled in a particular way, which can result in the child becoming frustrated, or otherwise using the lid to place the shapes inside instead of the desired holes.

This point seems to defeat the purpose of the toy. Although it is no doubt a lot of fun for babies who play with this toy, some parents found that the toy encouraged unhealthy eating habits, with phrases such as ‘Would you like some cookies?

Here they are.’ and ‘Five little cookies make a lovely snack’. Perhaps this toy could be improved by bigger holes or smaller shapes, a different conceptual design, or even clearer information about the desired developmental skill.

Fisher Price laugh and learn cookie jar unboxed



Power: Requires 3x AA batteries to work (included)
Dimensions: 28 x 27 x 17.5
Weight: 1.15 kg
Type: shape and stacking toy
Age Range: 6 months to 2 years

Baby playing with Fisher Price Laugh and learn cookie shape surprise

Hints and Tips

When first introducing this toy to your baby, it shouldn’t be a case of leaving them to their own devices. Under supervised play, you can help your baby if they struggle with pushing through any of the shapes, so they can see that it is achievable.

This way the baby doesn’t become disheartened, and they can gradually learn to become independent at a challenge that will be easy for adults, but much more difficult to babies as young as six months.

Final verdict

With a focus on exploration and imagination, this product is a fun toy that can be used when playing with your baby to encourage trial-and-error.

Babies can enjoy lifting the lid to put the shapes in and out of the cookie jar, and parents can guide them to use the shape holes to develop additional skills. If you don’t take it too seriously, your child is sure to have fun with it, having received plenty of stars from customers.

Just be aware that you might not find the product quite as entertaining as your baby, but you will find yourself singing this to yourself a lot… “would you like some cookies, here they are! Five different shapes in my cookie jar”!

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